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Baby Goat Diaper Cake: or no foolin', a "kid's" cake

Since I have two boys, I very rarely have an occasion to make anything girly.  Although last night, in one of those insane craft moments, I decided to whip up a wallet for Big Brother because he needed someplace to put his money for the Book Fair I just found out about, and we always want to support our kids when they are excited.  596 more words

Girly Things

so many feelings tonight.

Us girls make big deals out of everything, I guess it’s true in a way. We get screwed over by guys all the time, which leaves us emotionally unstable and leaves the guy…well, nothing. 710 more words


I was featured on Marley Lilly's Instagram!

Today, I was so excited to look down on my phone and see that I was tagged in a photo by Marley Lilly ! I was so overwhelmed with joy! 205 more words

A very much needed remodeling of my room

So I never cared how my room looked and to be honest, it was always a mess. My room furniture didn’t match at all, I had random things all over the place and my dresser always had things on top of it, same goes for my bed, but I finally did some much needed “remodeling” or “refurnishing”. 492 more words


Road Crushes aka I need to know I'm not alone on this one

So say you’re driving, it doesn’t matter where you’re going. You have your car setup just how you like it, a fresh Dunkins iced coffee in your cup holder, a brand new CD your friend burned you blasting out of your speakers, and all the windows down and the sunroof open. 520 more words


Cheap shots

While this title might suggest a lengthy post about the evils of drinking well liquor, it is instead an acknowledgment how easily riffs on the venerable Meyers-Briggs Type Indicators amuse me. 216 more words

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Ranting in disgust - a proud mother moment

The other day my daughter posted a mini-rant on her Facebook page. She must have been deeply bored to be trolling a social media platform that has been officially co-opted by middle-aged parents. 162 more words