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Keep It Simple and Classy

Going into the holiday weekend, I thought, “Oh this will be a relaxing one.” I had plans to wine taste in Napa with a friend who works in the industry (talk about VIP touring), the boyfriend would be back in town, and I had been invited to a girl’s night on Friday. 374 more words

10 Movies to Watch on a Girls Night In

Put away the heels and pop open the wine, because it’s time for a girl’s night in! Yes, it’s a blast to go out, booty pop to the music, and let the cute guy at the bar buy you a drink before you politely inform them that you have a boyfriend (whether you do or don’t), but sometimes, it’s nice to just stay in your pyjamas, invite the girls over, break out the snacks (without counting the calories), and pop in a sappy DVD to give us unrealistic expectations about love. 520 more words


Totally Unexpected Charm: Our House

I followed my own advice from my last blog post, ” Flicks On The Hill: Essentials for the perfect picnic”, and ordered pizza to take to the park instead of packing a picnic. 538 more words


Top Grossing Films from 1981, 82', and 83'

Several months back I started a girls night where we went through the top 10 greatest movies of all time (see my many blog posts on each title). 410 more words


The "Not So Shabby" Cabi Party

Arguably the most fun you will ever have will be a “girl’s” night. It doesn’t hurt when you throw shopping in the comfort of home in the mix. 320 more words

Fancy Fruit Plate

It was recently restaurant week in Grand Rapids and my husband and I enjoyed a three course meal at this highly recommended restaurant called the Grove ( 534 more words

Pickled Onions