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Players Helping Players launches

As promised, Players Helping Players is now up and running! It’s still in its infancy, but I have big plans for it.

Friday night I happened to be on Thelanis at the same time as Dean from… 252 more words

Software for the more advanced user

“a more serious contender as a competitor to Adobe’s more expensive options – the unfortunately named GIMP”

Yesterday, in my post “The hard truth about software…

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Animated JPEG - A Viewer for 3D Animation

Animated GIF files can be used for simulating 3D in a procedure known as wiggle of wobble 3D. However, GIF has the limitation of being restricted to a maximum of 256 colors. 912 more words

My take on 3 Superheroes- who is next?



Next on the list is Kid Flash, the Spiderman- that one should be interesting since he’s always crouched or jumping. Any other suggestions?



Front Porch

Nothing to say here… Even if I know that people like to see some words attached. Maybe I can say few words… About the Price Building. 27 more words