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Ghost Town

Weirdly enough I was excited to see the ghost town of Kolmanskop, as I have seen many photos and it fascinates me to think that people just up and left a perfectly good little town and abandoned everything. 350 more words


Roadtrip to Bodie

Hubbie had never been to Bodie which is one of the reasons we decided to come out this way.  The other was the amazing hiking, but with Hubbs still dealing with a bum knee, there wasn’t much of that – at all! 255 more words


Following the old Roads


The railroad went across the Arkansas Valley in the 1870’s,building towards the pacific Ocean.  As rails were laid, stops were made to service the engines and replenish.  Many of these stops became towns along the way.  Providing business for the railroad. 443 more words


Ghost Town of Montana

Bannack, Montana was a gold-mining town discovered in 1862.  Along with being a stop along the infamous Lewis & Clark trail, it has long since been abandoned.  318 more words


September Issues - REVOLUTIONS & Eye on Fine Art Photography

The September issues of REVOLUTIONS and Eye on Fine Art Photography are currently in the works. They will most likely be published a bit later than normal, but we are working hard to get them out as soon as possible. 152 more words