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GUEST BLOG from Esme Kerr

Esme Kerr is here this week to tell us about her new book, The Glass Bird Girl. Esme went to TEN schools before going on to study History at Oxford and Cambridge. 300 more words


Mix excitement with dread. And stir.

Exactly a week from now my first novel gets published. I am beside myself with dog-shown-the-lead, night-before-Christmas excitement. And yet at the same time…heart-plunging dread. 492 more words


Undercover Colors: Date Rape Drug Detecting Nail Polish

Dear Date-Rapists,

You can thank four North Carolina State University students for foiling your plot to take advantage of me or my friends. Four amazing brilliant boys have invented a nail polish called Undercover Colors that will change shades when it is touched by a date rape drug. 320 more words

For College

College students develop nail polish that detects date-rape drug

TORONTO – With one swirl of a finger, you might be able to tell if your drink has been spiked thanks to a nail polish prototype that changes colours when it comes in contact with date-rape drugs. 175 more words


Experimental Nail Polish Could Help Combat Date Rape

Experimental Nail Polish Could Help Combat Date Rape posted 8/26/2014 by Mack Gelber

Student-designed product changes color in the presence of roofies


Hi again.

Well, shit. It certainly has been awhile. Kinda forgot I had this thing.

So, my life has been stuffed inside a little jar with rocks and crap and then shaken up. 197 more words


Poetic Justice

When I was a boy, I was scared by a short poem my older sister told me; I don’t know where she got it from and can’t find it on line but it went something like this: 533 more words