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7 Souvenirs of August

I started out with best of intentions right from the moment I read the email informing me of  the upcoming 7 souvenirs of August. I looked at the criteria for each and thought that it wouldn’t be that hard, except for maybe the Socializer souvenir, but really it wouldn’t have been that hard to organise a small catch up event in our area. 133 more words


Trivial Answers for Trivia's Sake

So it would seem that the trivia questions I added at the bottom of my last post Gathering the Geo-people has a few of you scratchin your heads….and I didn’t even provide the answers. 257 more words


7 Souvenirs of August Update

Well tomorrow is the end of August, looking back this would be my busiest geocaching month, achieved my 7 souvenirs coming in at 5386th in the World, wonder who was first. 555 more words

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Hershey Gardens daytrip

We went and brought my mom here to take her to Hershey Gardens which is a couple of hours from here. She hadn’t stayed with us since January! 491 more words


Gathering the Geo-people

When I created the event, DayCaching (GC5A2TG) I half expected that it could well be a case of dad and I having a nice lunch together, but I needn’t have worried, as shortly after I published people started indicating their intention to come….I started to get a little excited about it as more people added their names to the “will attend” list, including several out-of-towners :-) 1,154 more words


#Geocaching the Tekamah Library (GC16K7N)

Shortly after my rotator cuff surgery in June, the Missus took me for a leisurely drive so that I could get out of the house. We chose to go north our of Blair along US 75, a major North-South route in this part of the country and a heavy truck route for grain and livestock. 293 more words