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#Geocaching the Tekamah Library (GC16K7N)

Shortly after my rotator cuff surgery in June, the Missus took me for a leisurely drive so that I could get out of the house. We chose to go north our of Blair along US 75, a major North-South route in this part of the country and a heavy truck route for grain and livestock. 293 more words


#Geocaching Redhead's Playing Partner (GC4A8FR)

Earlier this week I took the geodog to the 72nd and Sorensen Parkway area to get a new ‘do at the groomers. I had a couple of hours to kill until my next appointment so I opened my geocaching.com app to see what was in the area. 373 more words


#Geocaching Mo Valley

I enjoyed getting back out and grabbing smileys earlier this week. I already wrote about Watson Station and some earlier geocaching in this small town situated on US 30 – the Lincoln Highway – in western Iowa. 766 more words


#Geocaching Watson Station (GC2E7R5)

Boy if felt good to get back out there and do a little geocaching. Today was the first time Molly the Geodog and I geocached by ourselves since my rotator cuff surgery at the end of June. 455 more words


#Geocaching on #Vacation

We did a lot of driving on our vacation, starting in Nebraska and traveling east to Ohio, then south to Georgia, and finally west to St. 669 more words


August 3 - 7 Souvenirs of August

Every cacher has on their profile a ‘Souvenirs’ page. These are ‘electronic badges’ generally awarded for attending an event or caching on a particular day etc. 270 more words

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Bello! #geocaching (GC4HZY7)

I love ALL things ‘Minion” — those yellow, cylindrical assistants from the Despicable Me movies. They are cute and impish, have wonderful senses of humor, and really steal the show for both movies. 234 more words