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Co-Leading a Multigenerational Team

There are three distinct generations impacting our current workforce: the Boomers, the GenXers and the Millennials. Each generation in the workforce possesses unique identities that translate into different expectations and behaviors in the workplace. 445 more words

Business Practices

No Generation

What kind of leaders are we, if never listen the advice of the youngest… and what kind of future leaders are they if they never question or challenge our decisions?

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Little Evil Dulce

The most over-rated job virtue - Money, Stability or Work Environ

A tagline proudly exclaims, “There are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else there is Master Card.” And we all started running after this “Master Card” (Read Money). 118 more words


I’ve been using Twitter since it was released— I’m not a hipster —but I didn’t know what subtweeting was until a few months ago. And who cares? 42 more words


Generation X

…or, the ‘completely overlooked’ generation. We grew up without cell phones or the internet, in an era where comic books and TV were still worthwhile and our culture was still producing films like ‘Star Wars’, ‘Back To The Future’ and ‘The Breakfast Club’ – we were also shaped by the threat of the cold war and wide scale gas shortages. 296 more words


Are You 'Monogamish'? A New Survey Says Lots of Couples Are

Perhaps because the premise of its new original drama series about a cheating married couple, Satisfaction, is not depressing enough for couples, the USA Network conducted a survey on cheating and marital satisfaction among Gen X and Y. 501 more words