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The Genre of the Gospels

Various explanations of the possible literary genre of the four gospels have been offered.  Most Christians approach the gospels as biographies of Jesus.  The do have some biography-like elements, but they are not biographies by the standards of the modern world. 665 more words


The Best Horror Movies of the Past 50 Years, Part 3! The Seventies! 1976-1979!

Hi, there, horror fans! Last time we looked at how Hollywood was unafraid to make more experimental horror features in the early 1970s. Although Spielberg’s “JAWS” would lead to studios forever chasing the summer blockbuster, the late Seventies were still an exciting time for horror movies. 1,148 more words

Book Soundtrack: Lady Oren and the Raider

“I feel like a romance is going to happen between these two… it seems a bit obvious.” ~ One of the first comments I received in response to “Lady Oren and the Raider.”  202 more words

Yellow Tulips


Yellow Tulips

Author : Lanniel | Cast : Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo EXO K | Genre : Boys Love, Hurt/Comfort| … 1,502 more words


Reading the Gospels

It is impossible to read a text without interpreting the text in some way. The very fact we are converting signs and symbols on a page into thoughts in our mind is an act of interpretation. 704 more words


Why anomiepete?

Before my injury I felt very much a part of society. I had lots of friends and went out socialising an awful lot. Now of course, as we age things change, some people marry and have children and others choose other paths. 495 more words



Fantasiaroolipelit ovat tunnettuja ja varmaan roolipeleistä kaikista pelatuimpia genrejä. Se ei kuitenkaan ole ainoa genre, jota on mahdollista hyvällä porukalla pelauttaa (:o!). Mitä muita genrejä olette kokeilleet? 300 more words