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I really hate taking a bath. The walls groan as they strain to break free from their confinement and plunge their thirsty tubers into my soapy water. 212 more words

Flash Fiction

Genetic Modification of Food, Biosphere, and Humanity: Disaster Unfolding

We who are in the know constantly rail against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s). We are awake and aware, through our constant search for knowledge on this subject. 316 more words


What I am Regretably not Hearing in the Genetically Modified Food Debate

Earlier this summer Cosmos host and generally likable guy, Neil DeGrasse Tyson released a video arguing that people who oppose laboratory created genetically modified foods were misguided. 457 more words


Trope-a-Day: Human Subspecies

Human Subspecies: Okay, no, since there are no humans.  (Or, at least, none worth speaking of.)  However, once the genetic engineers really got working, there are literally thousands of eldrae subspecies, galari subspecies, myneni subspecies, kaeth subspecies, esseli subspecies – although, with the esseli, it’s proceeded almost to the point that each individual is his very own species – and so on and so forth.  50 more words


Biofortifed vegetables could increase life expectancy


New developments in biofortification suggest corn, broccoli and tomatoes could be leading the prevention of age degenerative diseases in the developed world.

Speaking at the International Horticultural Congress in Brisbane last week, UQ plant physiologist, Dr Tim O’Hare said selective breeding to enhance the nutritional value of sweet corn could help prevent the leading cause of blindness, macular degeneration. 232 more words


We Can Now Genetically Engineer Muscular Dystrophy Out Of Mice

Muscular dystrophy is a disease that, even when it’s not fatal, still makes life difficult at best for the thousands of sufferers. But we might just be on the verge of stopping it altogether. 191 more words