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Just Follow The Yellow Brick Road...

Today has been strange. I sat down to write a review and–my laptop did not load Windows correctly and I wondered if I was ever going to get on. 156 more words

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Breakfast of Heroes

Knavecon is a long day, best to prepare with a good hearty breakfast. Myself and a few of the knaves as per tradition will be meeting around 8:30 or so for a big fry up in the hotel before kick off.   7 more words

General Rants

Was Going To Share, But Can't

I was going to share some songs I am very proud of, namely because I recorded them myself, But I can’t. I can’t afford to upgrade right now to share audio files. 177 more words


Why Is Finding Work As a Writer So Hard?

I have been searching for ghosting opportunities. I find that referring to myself as a ghost to possible clients is “unethical” (Hey. I didn’t make it up. 384 more words

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Rant about past, Intel Atom, MS Windows Vista & 7, Linux - and what does this all have to do with netbooks?

I guess my ADHD took the best of me when I wrote the following rant (originally as comment to an article, shamed to admit) after I came upon a 4 year old article: 1,874 more words


On Seeing Who Is Looking At My Posts

Should I be unnerved when I look down on my dashboard and see who is viewing me when one has the tagline of What happened on “True Blood” Last Nite… 331 more words

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Holy Monkeys only 3 days to Knavecon IV

Next Saturday is Knavecon IV.  It’s going to be a GOOD day.  A lot of work has been put in place to make sure it all runs smoothly and I’m looking forward to it.   90 more words