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Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon Conclusion

Well, ladies and gentlemen, Rob and I would like to thank everybody that got involved with this blogathon, those who watched films, contributed reviews, to those who read the vast amount of reviews that came forth in this project, and to all those who took the time to share their two cents with us. 363 more words

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Seeing Spiritual Reality

In the sixth chapter of Isaiah we read that Isaiah saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up.  The train of His robe filled the Temple.  192 more words

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Happy Labor Day!

Spruce Up Your Labor Day Deck Décor!

Nothing adds patio appeal like fresh flowers in a mason jar!  This easy do-it-yourself project takes little time and costs only 3 cans of spray paint.  72 more words

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A Tuesday Ten: A Roster of Redheads

Characters with red hair seem to be popular throughout fiction in general.  So I thought this Tuesday I’d take a look at redheads in science fiction and fantasy.   969 more words

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Great Value Gluten Free pretzels.

Our Walmart (I am sure all walmarts) have come out with their own line of gluten free foods.  I have been slowly trying them all.  I am not a fan of all of them but I so applaud them for trying so hard. 214 more words

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Katz donut review


while I was buying donuts for my son’s birthday I came across Katz.  I had tasted Katz before at a celiac support group meeting however since I hadn’t tasted powdered sugar donuts in 9 years I thought I was being a little too generous saying they were great.    267 more words

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Kinnikinnick Donut Review



when we first went gluten free these donuts were heavenly.   I am not sure if we just learned how to eat better foods or the quality and quantity has sorely gone down hill for Kinnikinnick.    233 more words

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