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Fighting about games: the incredibly nasty last two weeks

If you’re part of — or an observer of — gaming culture, you might be aware of the ugliness lately. ¬†If not, I encourage you to click away and go back to playing happily, because this is a subject that angries up the blood. 1,934 more words


Teaching Old Bisexuals New Tricks

Holy fuck (and I’m sorry but not sorry for my cavalier use of Anglo-Saxon but I have just had my entire world turned upside down) have you ever read anything so utterly revolutionary and yet so completely obvious that you re-evaluate your entire belief structure around it? 662 more words


Dismantling The #Race: #Blackness, #Vigilantes & #Professionalism

One day folks will realize that the killing of unarmed, and nominally armed, black folk in the streets based on racist interpretations of style, presentation and complexion as violent, aggressive and scary is linked to the “professionalism” policing taking place in schools and workplaces marking locs, afros, twists, braids and tieless necks as unprofessional, incapable of intellect and unbecoming. 94 more words


Twitter knows if you're male or female, which is only the beginning for targeted ads

Conventional wisdom says that Facebook is better for advertisers than Twitter. After all, Zuckerberg’s billion-strong user base willingly gives up a host of data points upon signing up, from gender to job to age. 602 more words


A Female Fighter of the Mexican Revolution is Deemed the Oldest Person Alive Today*

A Female Fighter of the Mexican Revolution is Deemed the Oldest Person Alive Today*

By Samantha Payne

A woman who fought in the 1910 Mexican Revolution has become the oldest woman in the world, after reaching the age of 127. 398 more words


The Meaning of Pink

For more than three decades, the walls of the visitors’ locker room at the University of Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium have been pink. When the football stadium was renovated in 2005, the university took the theme even further, adding new lockers, showers, and urinals all featuring various shades of the color. 74 more words


Game Heroines Intro: Confessions of a Girl Gamer

Here’s ¬†something I’ve been meaning to dig out for a while now – a series on Game Heroines I wrote for the (sadly defunct) Pixel Nation magazine. 881 more words