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Hybrid Masculinities and Sexual Aesthetics

Sociology professor Tristan Bridges was interviewed earlier this summer as part of The Society Pages Office Hours podcast:

Tristan is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at The College at Brockport, State University of New York.

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Crossroads of Female, Male and Intersex Genital Modification

About two weeks ago, I shared some thoughts on Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM. Being the subject of my senior thesis, I spent more than a year researching the practice, digging up facts, figures and cultural ideology. 926 more words


New Blog!

Hey there, everybody.  I’ve got a new blog.  I didn’t think I’d ever need another one, but as it turns out, I do.

My intent in creating this blog that you’re currently reading was to share a platform for discussions on writing and as well as share my own writing.   270 more words


Not quite there yet

Lots of progress has been made to establish a more gender equal society. We have come a great distance in this journey, but we are nowhere near the end of it. 125 more words


Please Stop Saying This Right Now

You know me. I rarely straight-out dish the parenting advice. But there’s something irking me, so here goes:

Whenever people see toddlers or little kids of different genders playing together, they always say the same thing: 661 more words

Jeepney Joyride: Gender Equality

I write about my dull jeepney rides just to give justification that commuting is fun and adventurous. Commuting in the Philippines is more than just a way of life. 605 more words



We don’t have it. Not really.

We are often presented many options in life, but truly having an unhindered choice is rare. There are payoffs and trades that we all make for our choices. 543 more words