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The Effects of Perceived Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination has obvious negative effects such as keeping women from rising to leadership positions or achieving equal pay. That alone should be enough reason to address these issues but there is also evidence that demonstrates the negative impact of perceived gender discrimination on women’s motivation – one of the key ingredients to high quality work. 103 more words

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Interfaith Marriage: The Call for a New Ruling.

I might actually get charged for this, for what I want to fight for — and I might end up getting killed, who knows, it’s not even a joke by this point because apparently… 1,566 more words


On Becoming a Feminist

I grew up in a home where women and men are treated the same (or close enough, boys mow the lawn and girls don’t– my mom was stay-at-home and made dinner, but not in an oppressed way, she always wanted to be a full-time mom). 602 more words

Gender Equality

“Nowadays, women are no longer expected to be subservient, and men are no longer expected to rule with tyranny. We are, as we should be, entitled to our own role. 51 more words

Gender Equality

Bigger than men and women

Now that we’ve established that feminism is nowhere near attaining full equality between men and women, it’s time to take a look at those who do not fall strictly into those two categories. 363 more words

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Hybrid Masculinities and Sexual Aesthetics

Sociology professor Tristan Bridges was interviewed earlier this summer as part of The Society Pages Office Hours podcast:

Tristan is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at The College at Brockport, State University of New York.

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