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(Because my blog is usually suitable for all ages, I’m putting a disclaimer here that some of this post involves adult content involving mature themes as well as some slurs and other strong language, so reader discretion is advised.) 1,612 more words


XXX… Not for the faint-hearted (Prudish)…

I’ve always been one lacking in the obvious sense, a moral compass. At home, they did what they could to ensure that I grow up to be a respectful, well presented individual, but like most 20th century living young persons, I followed my own intuition, moved to the beat of my own drums. 1,130 more words

50 Shades

How To Shrink Your Church In One Easy Step

Every major American church that has taken steps towards liberalization on sexual issues has seen a steep decline in membership.
By Alexander Griswold for The Federalist… 406 more words


Can Telenovelas Put an End to Homophobia? | Roberto Perez

This is an excellent thinkpiece on HuffPo Gay Voices from early in August. I would have referenced it earlier, but I’ve been busy recovering from some surgery by not writing!  253 more words


Dating Advice For Gay Men

This article is about dating advice for gay men. Relationships can be challenging all by themselves and if you are part of a gay couple then your challenges extend to how society sees you as well. 493 more words


Love and the strange feelings that accompanies it.

I’ve embarked on a new adventure. Pollyamourous relationships.
Starting with a man I’ve lived for a long time. Which I think complicates things.I also solidified a relationship with a chick I’d been fucking for months. 446 more words


Depression; My Story.

Fighting depression has to be the hardest most tiring thing I’ve ever done, but it is not something that you cant come to terms with. After being diagnosed in nearly November of 2013 my life has begun to take a drastic turn for the positive. 480 more words