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Something that I’ve learned recently is that when someone close to you dies, the process of grieving that we humans go through never really goes away and it can come back at any moment and smack you down hard. 1,148 more words

The Trouble with Loving Lee

I met Lee through my cousin, Daniel when we were standing in a McDonalds of all places. He’d come up to us and started talking to Daniel about football or some other sport that I had no interest in and so I zoned out of their conversation. 3,472 more words

A Little More than Friends

After Alex, it wasn’t too long before I met Jayson. This guy was just awesome. He’s the nicest, sweetest person I think I’ve ever met in my life and we met completely by chance. 2,022 more words

Dating in the Digital Age

When I was 18, my family got the internet for the first time and it really made my life a lot better. Up until that point, I’d never really had a conversation with another person who wasn’t straight… that I knew of. 1,456 more words

Coming Out Is Hard To Do

What is it about coming out of the proverbial closet that fills us with so much fear and dread? and why are some of us so afraid to admit to ourselves that we’re attracted to the same sex that we’ll pretend not to be… sometimes for the rest of our lives and sometimes until we begin to crack under the pressure of pretending to be what we’re not? 746 more words

A Discussion about Lesbian Roles and Depictions in Mexico

Originally published by Americas Quarterly on Aug. 18th, 2014.

LGBT cyber-activists took to the web last week to publically denounce Mexico City’s 3rd International Lesbian Festival. 552 more words

Americas Quarterly

Vintage Love

I was browsing Tumblr the other day when I cam across a bunch of gorgeous old photos of these lovely couples. The description underneath details how apparently, from 1700-1920 there was an social assumption that women did not have a sex drive at all. 251 more words