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To an old friend...

First and foremost, I will miss your laugh — that little white spot on your front teeth and the way your eyes turn really chinky make you really adorable. 606 more words



The singer Sam Smith recently just made mention of how apps like Grindr and Tinder are doing away with romance and basic human interaction.

And I must say, I agree. 288 more words


The Match Light Effect.

Everyone has met a potential date whom after a few outings and love making seems to be the perfect guy to start a relationship with. That is, of course, until the novelty wears off after sex. 682 more words


How We Expect When We're Expecting

I have written before about expectations as applied to the lead up to the first sexual encounter with a new date. But in this world of technological dating, we are often left with an entirely new brand of expectations – the first face-to-face meeting.  204 more words


Tale of Two Prospects: The Drunk Dial Test

So I have been getting to know two OkCupid women lately 1. They both spoke to me in different ways2 and both know about this blog so I will keep my descriptions realllll cute. 357 more words

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“My good opinion once lost is lost forever.”

This past weekend my friends Adam and Jesse got married. They’ve been together fourteen years, which is a number I can barely grasp as an amount of time spent with one person. 993 more words


I Don't Wanna Sex You Up...

Over a couple months ago, I made the conscious decision to abstain from sex.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I have decided to remove sexual relations from my equation at the present moment.  908 more words