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The Property Brothers

Most people don’t make money by showing couples houses they can’t afford, persuading them to buy a dump, then walking them through the perils of renovation. 647 more words

Gary Conkling

The Naked Truth

Let’s see if I have this right. You agreed to appear on a TV show titled Dating Naked. Now you are suing the show’s producers for showing you on screen dating naked? 558 more words

Gary Conkling

Good News in the Midst of Bad

With so much bad news flooding newspapers, radio and TV, it is nice to have a good-news story to celebrate. The two Americans infected with Ebola in Liberia walked out of an Atlanta hospital with no trace of the often fatal disease in their bloodstreams. 486 more words

Gary Conkling

The Bathroom as Reading Room

It may not be the question for the ages, but what do people read while on the throne? And perhaps a relevant follow-up: Why?

Let me be clear, I’m all business in the bathroom. 420 more words

Gary Conkling

Changing the World, One Can of Tuna at a Time

Change is the one constant in life. One day you are eating canned tuna; the next you are dining on fresh salmon grilled to perfection on a cedar plank on your backyard deck. 691 more words

Gary Conkling

Vacationing in Slime and Danger

People pay money to tour Newtown Creek, one of the most polluted 3.5 miles in New York City. They glide on canoes on a waterway spoiled by oil spills and sewage and delight in what has become known as anti-tourism. 557 more words

Gary Conkling

Rallying for a Millionaire Boss

Other than for Hillary Clinton. mobs of average wage-earning people don’t typically rally in support of millionaires, let alone their millionaire bosses.

That’s what makes the continuing protest so intriguing by employees and customers who¬†are rooting for the overdog at Market Basket grocery stores in the Northeast. 579 more words

Gary Conkling