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8 Days!!!

8 days until the release of Destiny!

I also cannot believe I fell in love with the Beta version. I usually do not care much for Beta versions.


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 9/1/14

Welcome to September! This is my favorite month of the year. What? You thought that was July…because July is the seventh month? Um, well, yes it is, but it wasn’t the… 152 more words


NerdTV and Gaming: #Alpha - #Street #Fighter #Assassin's #Fist #Episode 0


We flash foward in this prologue to find best of friends and bitterest of rivals Ryu & Ken face off in a potentially lethal showdown. 12 more words


Gaming Inspired Artwork #GTA #MetalGearSolid #Killzone #GearsofWar

We love gaming here at The Art Corporation, here are some of our works from our favourite franchises.


Joystick and Gamepad Mappers

I’ll start the ball rolling and have something pretty basic for you.

If you have ever had difficultly getting your generic controller to detect in a game and can’t set it to the bindings that you want, well there’s a simple solution out there for you that will help. 96 more words


Fighting about games: the incredibly nasty last two weeks

If you’re part of — or an observer of — gaming culture, you might be aware of the ugliness lately. ┬áIf not, I encourage you to click away and go back to playing happily, because this is a subject that angries up the blood. 1,934 more words


Good Games Podcast: Episode XIII - The 13th Reflection

This week, Frank and Alex talk about the main programmer for FFXV leaving Square Enix, Amazon buying Twitch, new DLC for Mario Kart 8, the new leading demographic for gaming and so much more! 87 more words