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Day Five - (Edited) A Little Less Blah

Today was Day Five. There’s not much to report. We did a diagnostic writing pre-assessment from the county. That’s basically it. Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting.   519 more words


Sharing my love for Product Hunt

The strap line of Product Hunt is “the best new products, everyday”. Product Hunt is a site dedicated to “sharing new, interesting products” and I found over the last few months that it does exactly what it says on the tin: 439 more words


Draft Day, The Aftermath

Today was Draft Day in English Language Arts.  We had two different drafts, one in Third Period and one in Fourth, with opposite results.

Third period’s draft was awesome.   1,484 more words


Quote form Jeb Bush

“We continually underestimate children. Setting high standards ans demanding results drives student academic gains…It will take some adjustment, but kids will rise to the challenge of these new standards if we give them the opportunity and tools to do it.” 16 more words

Educational Reform

ARC - Alternate Reality Campaign

Welcome back, gamers and players

today’s topic is something growing bigger, already known (from mid 2000 al least) but not used at its best… just like gamification.   2,604 more words


Azura Terra - Classroom Game Updated

I have made a few changes on how my classroom game will be played.

Azura Terra is a play off of Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot passage. 453 more words


Daniel Pink: DRIVE and a Classroom Gamification Experiment

I recently started a gamification model in my classroom (see posts below). I have told students they can do just about anything to receive XP for themselves, their team, and thus their class. 704 more words