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Damn Lori Serendipitously Awards MGT470 Member

Evolving MGT470 Guild Logo

Sometimes these articles could write themselves! Damn Lori decided to hold a public contest to give away some minor rewards, all you had to do was enter it by creating a photoshop image with the stock she provided. 173 more words
Shroud Of The Avatar

I'm A Gamer And I'm Proud Of It: An Editorial For The Gaming Industry

The recent sleuth of articles are telling me to be ashamed to be a gamer. I have a different view.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist the picture above). 786 more words

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Review: Dong Nguyen and Swing Copters

Have you heard of Dong Nguyen? You probably wouldn’t recognise him if you passed by him in the street… but I’m sure you’d recognise his most famous game, Flappy Bird. 600 more words


Merchandise Monday #8

This merchandise Monday i give you my Adidas Star Wars football jersey:

It’s reversible, so on the one side you have Jedi and on the other side you have Sith/Empire. 86 more words

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Call of Duty I

For the last few weeks I’ve wanted to write something phenomenal, amazing or just interesting if nothing else. It’s not that I don’t have more than enough material to scribble down but the art of procrastination is overwhelming. 307 more words

The End of the "Gamer"

The notion that the “gamer” identity is ending is one Ian Bogost draws upon in his How to Do Things with Videogames (2011), and Patrick Jagoda gestures toward it in his work as well. 60 more words