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Why the voluntary youth sector needs to play more ‘games’

I was talking with a senior manager the other day about how the voluntary sector, and particularly the youth sector, is forgetting how to have fun, and more specifically explaining the value that games and play brings to CPD, team development and group work.  1,189 more words

Matt Lent

An Interview with Sean Ennis

Sean Ennis is the author of Chase Us, a collection of connected stories set on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Ennis is a Philadelphia native now living in Water Valley, Mississippi. 1,595 more words

How To Write A Short Story

Climate Accords and the Credible Commitment Issue

Attention-grabbing headlines this morning said that Obama was seeking to circumvent Congress in order to pass a far-reaching “accord” on climate with the international community.  Treaties have to be ratified by the Senate, but the President has a fair amount of leeway to negotiate anything short of a legally binding treaty.   399 more words

The legal philosophy of red-light cameras

Many cities around the world have installed high-tech red-light cameras at busy intersections to increase safety and raise traffic revenues — though some cities are already starting to phase-out these cameras. 612 more words


Game Theory 3B of 3

Title: Game Theory

Genre: Science Fiction

Summary: Malika shakes her head. Her eyes, when they meet his, are much harsher, stronger. “No, I’m saying we should start playing the game. 3,662 more words


Resources for Learning Game Theory

Game theory is one of those subjects that often seems really confusing when first introduced to it. It is a new way of thinking and analysing economic behaviour. 363 more words


Tit-for-tat with Pakistan - Rajeev Srinivasan

“Foreign policy, especially between enemies such as India and Pakistan, can be modeled as a series of Prisoner’s Dilemma games. Thus, when Vajpayee extended his hand in friendship (a ‘cooperation’), the response was the Kandahar hijack (a ‘betrayal’). 980 more words