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The Maelstrom of Misogyny

I don’t want to talk much about the recent uproar within the gaming community concerning misogyny and hate because I’m just so tired from it… 588 more words


Game industry

How big is a sector of the gaming industry can not even imagine. Available in each category in each area of the game and it’s a great reason for the return of the money? 226 more words

Global Disgrace

Minecraft and boobs.

Minecraft is a multiplayer sandbox video game based in a virtual world, which is modelled on the real world. Players are able to build and craft everyday items using blocks. 761 more words

Virtual Reality

Couch PODtatoes 10: Attack of the Clones

Welcome back people of the Pod. This week we welcomed back Doone, mainly to pick on him but also for some great discussion of ethics in the gaming industry. 444 more words


Hot Opinions: Games as Art

Do people still debate video games’ status as art? I know there was some argument a few years ago, but because, speaking plainly, the state of things disgusts me, I’m relatively out of touch now. 1,849 more words

Game Industry

Zoe Quinn

I was going to talk about Rune Factory today, but then I woke up and this Zoe Quinn controversy was blowing all over the gamesphere on the Internet, so I think my gaming would have to wait until tomorrow. 809 more words


On "Too Many Games"

Talkback is a feature I use for cross-blog dialoging (where one blogger writes an article and response articles are published by other bloggers). Join the conversation with your own talkback article if you’re a blogger or hit up the comments section of the participating blogs. 399 more words