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Progress Report

Hello everyone! We’re still busy working on this game, our goal is to get it ready near the end of October for release.

While the combat is done, with exception of bosses and polish, there is still a lot to be done on the Armory/store and ally side of things. 235 more words


From Torque to Angular Acceleration... Correctly.


I’ve been seeing the relationship between torque and angular acceleration stated as

Although this has a nice analogy with the force, mass and acceleration of translational dynamics (), it is actually incorrect. 507 more words

Game Development

The Vampyre Legends - Update 1.1.10a

So I’ve had no net for a few days (I know old issues plaguing me) but now I’m back online I wanted to share the newest release of the Vampyre Legends, this version brings a few quick updates and some new content, though the story system isn’t in place yet a lot of the locations are beginning to take shape.  201 more words

Game Development

The Long Dark Development Cycle

Hey, did you guys know how frickin’ long videogames take to make?!

With each major project I work on, it gets to that point where we’re like “ 1,132 more words

Game Development

Minecraft and boobs.

Minecraft is a multiplayer sandbox video game based in a virtual world, which is modelled on the real world. Players are able to build and craft everyday items using blocks. 761 more words

Virtual Reality

Creating special abilities for a turn based RPG in Unity C#

In my last three posts I’ve discussed creating a turn based combat system, making a menu system controlled by a keyboard and using communication between scripts to code an attack based on preset and character statistics. 1,234 more words


Creating stat based attacks for an RPG in Unity C#

In my last two posts I’ve discussed creating a turn based combat system, and a keyboard driven menu selection for an RPG in Unity. This time around I’ll be moving onto how the stats and abilities work. 902 more words