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Gameplay Premises Part 5 - RPG Staples

Wizards’ Duel draws heavily from the RPG genre, but I want to keep the design tightly focused on the main mechanics and thus eschew or reduce several aspects that today are more or less a given for… 527 more words


Pixel landscape

here is the start of a pixel landscape i’m creating i will put each photo up when i work on it to show you my method of working

Amending the Plan: Galaxy of Trian

With this year’s Gencon behind us you can expect to see lots of new board game projects pop up on Kickstarter, and lots of new retail releases in the coming month.   991 more words


Pirates Booty game cover

Pirates Booty: For anyone who’s taken a game course or level mod class, you may be familiar with the Lerpz game. The project for this class was to modify the assets from Lerpz, make new models and make a new game. 20 more words

Gallery: Game Design

Quick status update! The new level 1 is done and we’re finishing the modelling and general positioning befor we include it in the game! For now, take a look at some of the hand drawings we used in order to desing the level.


Hitting the ground running.

Hello everyone, KrimsonStorm here. It’s been a while since I’ve last fathered an article on the magic of the internet. Last week marked the beginning of my Senior Year at the Rochester Institute of Technology. 831 more words


New Content Added!

I have managed to squeeze in some time between projects and life to update the Prototyping section of my Portfolio page. I hope you will all take a few minutes to drop by and look around. 38 more words