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Nov 22, 1919


    IT is an unfortunate fact that the moralists almost always rush in to denounce the wrong thing, or—to put it less ambiguously—that they almost always denounce things on the wrong grounds. 2,288 more words

Why don't you love me any more?

Just checking out my blog’s visitor counter, and discovered a horrible truth: you don’t love me any more!

2013 was my best year. Thousands and thousands of visitors, so many it made my head spin (like that nice little girl in “The Exorcist”). 130 more words


FNIMN: Time Enough For Countin'

And so, with the inevitability of your "sure thing" losing to a three-legged arthritic donkey, Friday rolls around again. And it probably rolls snake-eyes. Which, if you hadn't guessed, is my way of introducing this week's… 133 more words


Crime and Gambling in a Virtual World -- by Clare Chambers-Jones

The popularity of virtual worlds and on-line gaming has increased drastically over the last decade. This has presented new opportunities for criminals who wish to exploit the blurry legal lines that govern the Internet. 1,133 more words

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Die positiven Auswirkungen der Zusammenarbeit mit Ihrem Lottery System

Erlauben Sie uns, ein bisschen untersuchen die Konzepte der Astronomen. Ihre Ideen in Bezug auf die Position der himmlischen Sphären führen zu Führungen für Navigatoren, um in der Segelschiffs halten. 501 more words


The Fireside Chats: Casino Apocalypto

I like classic rock. I like the Moody Blues. To see the Moody Blues in concert, I must go to The Venue. That’s what it’s called. 1,348 more words


Who likes to play with RNG?

I recently stumbled upon a BTC gambling website by the name of Primedice.

All bets are made on the roll of a die.

The payout for each bet is based on the chance to win the roll, which is based on the number that you set to roll over or under. 419 more words