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Maggie's Pick 9.1.14: '5 Years Time' by Noah and The Whale

Apparently you’re not supposed to “sweat the small stuff,” mountains and molehills and all that jazz. One of the best ways I’ve heard of to determine if something is small stuff is to ask yourself, “Will this matter in an hour? 106 more words


He's not a tame lion... but He is good.

Ever get frustrated that God doesn’t just do what you say? I think somewhere between hearing that he will grant whatever we ask in his name, and that he works for our good in all things, we start to wonder why our needs seem unmet, our prayers seem unanswered, and our instructions seem unheard. 140 more words


Suspense of life



“Do as little harm to others as you can; make any sacrifice for your true friends; be responsible for yourself and ask nothing of others; and grab all the fun you can.

62 more words

Renaissance Woman

My piano teacher always used to call me, “Renaissance woman.” Even though I knew it was admirable to have many talents, I took it to mean I was master of none. 320 more words

The Clam Juice Chronicles (Abridged)

In a horrifyingly near future when, due to the greed of man, the world’s clam population is decimated, a solitary individual is haunted while at his local supermarket by a vision of the last remaining bottle of clam juice on earth. 33 more words