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Friday Cat

Behind every person delighted that it’s Friday, there’s a cat euphoric about having to share the house for two days.


Qui-Bell-ing over the details

Why are psychedelics illegal – Not quite the article I was expecting but interesting nonetheless – Partnership vs Dominator societies and the suppression of Goddess worship…eventually leading to a discussion on psychedelics. 114 more words


A Bit of Jewish Humor

I love Jewish humor. Some of the best comedians are Jewish. And so, without further ado:

1. A car hit an elderly Jewish man. 276 more words


Friday Funnies

Michelle’s first ever home grown tomatoes :-)




Best of Damnyouautocorrect

1. Acid prank win! laugh

2. A new WHAT? laugh

3. Lil Marco laugh

4. Kardashian? laugh

5. Blah! laugh

6. Long poop laugh

7. Here doggie  14 more words