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They Won't Stay Dead: A Look at Return of the Living Dead Part II

I was just sitting down looking at the information about the movie I was putting a review together for called shockwaves. It’s a pretty interesting nazi Zombie movie which just so happens to be directed by the same guy who directed Return of the Living dead 2 which I did a review for a couple weeks ago. 97 more words


Consultant's labor day holiday

Today was a holiday in the United States.  Went to the beach.  This is all that was on my mind . . . basically, nothing.


Alberta Falls, CO

The best part about Alberta Falls is how easy of a hike it is.  Round trip is just 1.7 miles and has just 250 feet of elevation gain, making it a leisurely hike and suitable for kids as well!  610 more words


My homebrew 5e DM Screen

Since WOTC has yet to release a screen, I decided to make my own. I bought a customizable GM Screen from Amazon recently, and printed out some charts and stuff I found online.   277 more words


Fashion Aspirations

I was really hoping to completely change my look throughout the summer and have a new look for school but I didn’t really reach that goal. 23 more words


Flashback: Daft Punk on Drugs

Originally Posted May 18, 2003 on Destroy, White Boy

Remember last year when everyone was moist with anticipation for the first Daft Punk record in forever? 1,486 more words