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Fun Fact: You can totally have male teachers at an all-girl’s college. Of my seven classes, three of them are taught by guys (all of them white guys, for whatever reason. 234 more words

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Cheat Meals

When cheat days turn into cheat weeks. By the way, how was the labor day BBQs? When I first started my fitness lifestyle at first I was training for a competition so I was not allowed any cheat meals at all. 229 more words

Fun Facts

Fun Facts For Ya: 9/2/14

You’re 104 times more likely to choke to death than to die from being struck by lightning.

When the Hindenburg crashed in 1937, 62 of the 97 people on board survived. 104 more words


Comma, I think I love you, but...

The comma. More complex than you may think. Reblogged from Grammar Girl:

Commas: Oxford, Appositive, Nonrestrictive

Commas are like people on the subway: You think you know them, but they’re complex.

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Fun Facts

Pen Names and Cherries

Trying to figure out what pen name to use is difficult. You want to pick something memorable, something easy to say, and something you would respond to. 548 more words


Seasonal Ingredients : September

The main advantage about buying in season ingredients is the produce is going to be fresh and available in abundance. We aim to buy and plan our shopping around seasonality because that is when the produce is going to taste the best. 62 more words



All righty then! I love the ace Ventura movies then think Jim Carrey is a great actor. That’s why when I came across this site that had some facts about the movie I may not have known, I was very excited to see if I would be surprised. 24 more words