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Writing Process Blog Tour

I’m excited to participate in The Writing Process Blog Tour initiated by Mary Adler on SheWrites.  It works like this.  A writer answers four questions about her writing and then hands off the baton to two more writers, who do the same. 695 more words


School Journey Month 4

As the final week of my fourth class wraps up, I let out a sign of relief. I am so glad this one is finally over! 432 more words


Week 4 Reflection: Project Revision

Below, I’ve provided an example of my before and after project revisions to my client’s web site: Holy Magdalena Cup Cakes.

Holy Magdalena Cup Cakes site… 100 more words

Combative Chess Project

In Prototyping II, I worked with a team to create a sort of tower defense meets Chess. We never came up with a real name for the project, so I’m calling it, “Combative Chess.” It is a two player game where players upgrade pawns by defeating other pawns in order to gain better pieces. 52 more words

Completed Projects

The Quadratic Mandate

As I go through my old work, I forgot I made this project for one of my game design classes at Full Sail University. It’s a ‘game’ that uses shapes to tell a story. 38 more words

Completed Projects

The Moment You've Been Waiting For

Here it is folks! After a bit of a delay, and I apologize for it, I have the Temporal Shift exe available for you to download from my DropBox! 50 more words

Completed Projects

Green Screen Tips and Tricks From Ryan Connolly

I never miss an episode of Film Riot and if you haven’t seen it I suggest checking it out. Ryan Connolly is a Full Sail Grad and the tips and tricks he covers in his show are worth their weight in gold.