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When Does Frugality Become Miserliness?

As someone constantly looking to better his relationship with money and wealth, I find that three words dominate my head space more than others. They are… 781 more words


The Post Where I Ramble about Food

I like to save money on things. That’s nothing unusual– people love a bargain. When it comes to coupons and deals and saving money on the usual household expenses, I am fairly frugal. 2,138 more words


Save $1000 This Month?

Yep, that’s the challenge posed this month on one of my favorite money saving blogs, Southern Savers.

Sounds crazy, right? Except that for my husband and I, this is something we really, really need to do. 320 more words


August Review

I got all vacation-y in August. Some of my goals I blew out of the water; others wound up in the “fail” column. ┬áHere’s how it breaks down: 345 more words


This is sew not me

We’ve been into town today on the hunt for fabric to make curtains for the boat for the winter months.
We measured up, and there is a sewing service at the local launderette, so I walked the dog there over the weekend to get advice and some idea of prices. 468 more words



We are parked at my Cousin David Moore’s get-a-way camp. His wife Melissa took me on a first adventure, canoeing on Lake Kokanee in the morning. 1,100 more words

Eat less meat

All vegetarians and vegans will be ecstatic, as this is the latest headline to suggest that our meat consumption is a danger to the planet/environment. 493 more words