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The best year of my life

I read a book called The Best Year of Your Life: Dream It, Plan It, Live It, which sounds rather corny, but I kind of like books like that, especially if they have a plan. 234 more words


Putting the Labor in Labor Day

The stay-at-home-mom job involves a lot of waiting and killing time. Sitting with a sick kid who can’t quite stay asleep, like I am right now. 547 more words


Vegan spicy 'chicken' recipe

This week is one of the weeks in the year when my husband and I try not to eat meat. This is for religious reasons. I was going to gloss over the part where we completely forgot for the first week, but then my mother-in-law laughingly assures me that this August period is one of the most difficult fasts to keep! 171 more words


Lifestyle Inflation: Potty Training Edition

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I’m certainly not the first person to note that the “middle class” lifestyle is a lot fancier than it used to be. 496 more words


Goodwill Is the Best Place I've Ever Bought Jeans

Our old town in Pennsylvania didn’t have a Goodwill store. It had some other, lesser, small-town thrift store funding some other cause that I wasn’t sure if I supported or not. 607 more words


Potty Training, or Ca-Ching!

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that Big Brother is fully daytime potty trained.

“Noticed” might sound like an odd way to put it, but it’s apt. 691 more words


Mending Time

You know you’re really frugal when you find yourself mending, well, rags.

When I was about seven months pregnant with Big Brother, I headed over to my mother’s house (I lived in my hometown then) to make cloth diaper wipes out of old receiving blankets, T-shirts, and pajama pants, plus some new flannel my mother had lying around. 389 more words