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Amazing And Unique Hotels From All Around The World

When we plan our vacation, usually the first thing we do is finding a hotel to stay in. And that choice can be really versatile. Some are looking for just a place to stay in, others search for the most luxurious accommodation. 20 more words

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10 Design Lessons You Can Learn From Nature

What does nature tell us about decorating our home? Image Source: NMA Architects

Take a moment from your busy schedule to lift up your eyes from that handheld device and reunite with the natural beauty of the world around you. 12 more words

Remarkable Interior Visualitazions From Triple D Styles

Following, let’s move to these visualizations from Triple D Types so you can easily know what you want to do in order to design such a stunning home soon after all. 30 more words


Food As A Medium: Pigments And Dyes Created From Edibles

Food as a medium is not a new notion, but a revisited a single. Many trades, especially textile designers are discovering crossover with meals while creating their pieces. 29 more words


Extraordinary Trees From All About The Globe

The number of tree species in the world may not be specified, but for sure it is an enormous one. There are so many different types of trees, including the ones that can be found in most of the places, to the ones that can be only found in a specific area. 14 more words

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From Location To Space: 25 Hours Hotel Bikini In Berlin

Final week I was off on a perform mission in Berlin. Not for the weblog but for my typical day job. However, I would not be a blogger if I did not try to squeeze in anything that would yield a new story for my Satisfied Interior Weblog. 17 more words

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Embroidered Wall Hanging (From A Placemat!)

So, I was strolling by way of Target, admiring ceramic snails and galvanized metal trays (seriously, Target’s Threshold line is my favourite ever), when I occurred upon a lovely section of clearance things. 24 more words

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