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Müge İplikçi - Tezcanlı Hayalet Avcıları

Müge İplikçi’nin son öykü kitabı Tezcanlı Hayat Avcıları nefes alan hayat anlarını barındırıyor. Beğendiğim öykücüler, bir anda sayabileceğim isimler hep yanımdadır fakat ilk defa bir öykücüye özendiğimi açık açık itiraf edebiliyorum. 109 more words



As a general rule I don’t review classic literature. Better minds than I have pondered for decades what better writers than I have penned. There are also other readers and bloggers to consider– people who have spent their careers pondering the virtues of their favorite books– people who are ready to defend the classics, should a novice like myself raise a question without the requisite thousand hours of preliminary research. 891 more words

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A Lot of Silents

I was recently introduced to OpenCulture, a website that boasts “the best free cultural and educational media on the web”.

Well, they certainly list heaps of excellent and very interesting content: ebooks, audiobooks, courses, MOOCs, language lessons, movies, teaching resources… but what really got me is their selection of… 61 more words



Shot by Karl Freund, Günther Rittau, and Walter Ruttmann

Director: Fritz Lang

Perfect Shots

Fashion in film or fashion film?

(by Simonetta Buffo)


Here the last movie by David Lachapelle . I really like it but I’m a little bit confused too! Is it a short movie, a videoclip, a commercial or a fashion film? 341 more words


Blu-ray Review: Frau im Mond

Starring: Willy Fritsch, Gerda Maurus, Klaus Pohl
Director: Fritz Lang
Rating: 7/10

Fritz Lang’s sci-fi movie about a trip to the moon (his last silent film, released in 1929) is a sheer joy for its steampunky visuals, but drama-wise it now seems a bit lopsided, seeing as we don’t actually blast off until 73 minutes into its three hour running time. 615 more words


Frau Im Mond: DVD and Blu-ray review

This is a guest post for Silent London by Peter Baran. You can follow Peter on Twitter at @pb14.

Frau Im Mond is one of the first silent movies I saw as an adult. 1,063 more words

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