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Review: Fright Night (1985)

Starring: Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse, and Roddy McDowall

Director: Tom Holland                      Rated: R

Tagline: “If you love being scared, it’ll be the night of your life.” 476 more words


Fright Night (1985) vs Fright Night (2011)

This is probably one of the toughest original vs remake decision I have to make. As I’m writing this out I still don’t know which one I’m going to pick. 625 more words


Movie Review: Fright Night

Run Time: 106 Minutes
Rated: ‘R’ (For language, nudity and gore)
Directed By: Tom Holland
Cast: Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse and Roddy McDowall… 477 more words


Top 5 Vampire Films!!!

Picking just 5 Vampire films is incredibly difficult, many films were not included on these lists, that could easily be classified as great films. This is a versus post folks, Darren and I are giving our top 5 lists on this post. 472 more words


GOUGE at Fright Night Fest Poster

The 2014 Fright Night Film Fest starts in just 10 days! Join us in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, August 2nd for a special screening of the short film, GOUGE. 79 more words


Review: Fright Night (1985)

“Nobody wants to see vampire killers any more, or vampires either. Apparently all they want to see are demented madmen running around in ski-masks, hacking up young virgins” 583 more words


Fangs God It's Friday: Peter Vincent (2.0)

It’s not a stretch to say that this week’s Fangs God It’s Friday is for the ladies. This week I’m going vampire hunter, and among the more odd ball choices, I’ve picked David Tennant’s version of the vampire hunter Peter Vincent from the 2011 remake of… 164 more words