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The Pelicans Reprised

Once upon a time, sixteen teenagers enrolled at Messiah College, most having grown up in the Brethren in Christ Church but not really knowing each other. 1,585 more words


Now And Then

Now and Then used to be my favorite movie when I was younger and it still remains one of my top favorites. It’s about four friends, an incredible summer, and their unyielding friendship. 249 more words


I am human, and so are you.

I wish we did this more often.
I truly wish that, wish what we had knew no time, wish distance would just cut us some slag. 498 more words


Growing up.

Ever since I turned eighteen, I have been considered as an adult and I am really starting to feel it. 

I’ve been treated differently, I have more things to worry about and make sure of and also, I am starting my first full day at college tomorrow. 140 more words

The Fourth

Published here at my dear friend and co-bard, Zoe’s request – I was in a bad mood and walking storming along a few Irish Country Lanes to get rid of some of my thoughts, and as I walked, the thoughts took on poetic form and I wrote them into my phone (rookie mistake – that’s complicated – never go ANYWHERE without pen and paper), then because the poem was for Zoe, I sent it to her. 210 more words


Defined by Our Roots

I’ve recently taken up gardening.

Or…more accurately…I’ve taken up letting my mom garden in our yard while I take all the credit.

(just kidding, ma…I tell them it was you). 1,106 more words


My Load

“My Load”

I do not say things,

In order to burden you,

I must deny me.

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