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I know a guy who, in private, is as smooth and as sweet as banana cream pie. In public however, he often behaves like a smug prick.

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When emotions are involved our brains rarely get involved.

However we need to remember that we can’t change how we feel. If you love someone, you love them. 46 more words


Well If That's All You Have....

Have you ever gone to a store to buy something that you need and you have in mind exactly what you want but they don’t have it? 553 more words


The Past is the Past...

I almost made a huge mistake this evening.

I went to meet up with the one guy I’ve probably ever truly been in love with. He was the person who gave me the most strength, time, compassion and love. 941 more words


It's a team that makes the individual.

Players have a set of individual talents that make them great. Whether it’s closing gaps in the outfield, a great first step on the base paths, or the ability to turn on a fastball, individuals are just that. 552 more words


Okay i’ll admit it. 

The past weeks have been spent worrying about high-school. Endless streams of questions that would drive anyone nuts. You see the school i will be attending in two days is being considered quote unquote bad. 262 more words


Mum and I went shopping today once she’d got back from work – although all I bought was sushi and some vitamin water… Oh and two new fish tank accessories! 94 more words