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Friday Five!

Is it that time of the week again? The end of the week, and the end of August- time seems to be flying this year! … 357 more words


Friday Five: Old and Grumpy

Note: I am not obligated to do Friday Five meme on Friday because of (1) timezone, (2) personal schedule, (3) no internet connection, and (4) any other odds. 290 more words


Friday Five: Random End-of-Summer Edition

So yesterday I hosted the RevGals Friday Five. It was the kind of day that I never got back to my computer to play it myself – OR to respond to posters. 390 more words

Friday Five

Friday Five: Old and Grumpy

As always, from Friday Five.

1. What’s something you have a grumpy old person’s attitude about? To a certain extent, technology. While I have no problem with mp3 players and e-readers or the people who use them, I’m clinging to my books and CDs. 304 more words


Friday Five.

Another week has gone by on turbo speed. Cannot believe it is going to be the last week of August. Like always, here are my five favorite things from the past week.  158 more words

Friday Five :: Songs about Photography

Songs about Photography

I tend to be the one behind the camera. Picture taking something I always have loved, but never quite mastered. That’s okay, I don’t feel the need to be an expert, I just enjoy the memory collecting that photography provides. 292 more words