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Figs and Omnivorous Dining - A snack (Figs Wrapped in Prosciutto) and a main (Whole Fish Stuffed with Figs)

I just love these figs!  The fresher, the better!  Before fig season leaves us in the dust, I figure I better post these two!

For our snack, we have figs wrapped with prosciutto.   428 more words


Fresh Figs with Goats Cheese & Parma Ham

One of the things I look forward too when I win the lottery and can afford to buy a house of my own is growing my own fruit and veg. 404 more words


Figs Preserved in Honey Syrup

Last summer, I made fig jam for the first time, and it’s been a highlight of my picnic spreads and cheese trays ever since. This summer, I was lucky enough to score large batches of figs two weekends in a row. 304 more words


Fresh Figs

Ever bite into a perfectly ripened fresh fig? The majority of figs are dried, which generally takes out the nutrients of the fruit. A fresh fig is much more juicy and delicious, and has a great amount of health benefits. 21 more words

Homemade Fig Newton Cookies

Fig Newtons were a staple in many lunch boxes when I was a kid. I ate them because I thought I was eating a healthy, good-for-you snack. 574 more words


Benefits of Fresh Figs

There’s nothing like ripe fresh figs! They’re sweet and delicious. Just the other day I picked up a couple of packs of 2 varieties of figs; … 139 more words

Barre, Figs, and the Best View in Austin

Good morning and happy Monday!

I hope you had a fun, relaxing, and rejuvenating weekend. By the time Monday morning rolls around, I usually feel pretty optimistic about the week ahead. 348 more words