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Cardinal Rule #1 - Give Yourself Time to Learn

There are so many women (and some men too) who are flocking to the virtual assistance profession who have questions regarding every aspect of the field. 580 more words


‘Seismic’ 9th Cir. rulings nix FedEx claim its drivers aren’t employees, could cost company millions

By Martha Neil
Aug 27, 2014

In a significant victory for FedEx drivers who contend they have been misclassified as independent contractors, a federal appeals court on Wednesday reversed a finding in multidistrict litigation in Indiana and held that nearly 2,700 plaintiffs in California and Oregon are in fact employees. 493 more words


Genevieve Nnaji and Nyomi Banxxx

Genevieve Nnaji and Nyomi Banxxx
The two actresses really look a lot like each other without even knowing each othe4r or being located in the same of the world. 190 more words

Article Writer.

On the Road: Claiming Mileage through your Limited Company

One of the most popular and utilised expenses that Contractors running Limited Companies claim for is mileage.

The basic rule being that mileage can be claimed back when you are travelling to and from a temporary place of work. 222 more words

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Writing for the Web Without the Web

Has your Internet ever gone out? Yes, of course, at one time or another. Does your Internet go out between 10AM-6PM Monday through Friday? That is what I have been battling with my service with CenturyLink for the past four weeks. 571 more words


Starting a Successful Career as a Freelancer Made Easy

After completing a year or so into your first job (if you last that long…) there are strong chances of you feeling like being your own boss and not working under anyone. 69 more words


Why The New Normal for Document Review Spells Disaster

August 27, 2014

Lawyers, by nature, are not very optimistic people. Maybe it’s a function of assessing risk constantly — with your ass on the line no less. 484 more words