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Side Effects of Making Money Online at Home

Today , there’s a lot of talk about working online at home and making money. Everyone seems to becoming some kind of Freelancer. I think this is pretty cool, however, there are some Side Effects of Making money online at home. 9 more words


Because why not


Me. In May? Just trying my hand at photography. Another habit i tried to use as a distraction. I’m not so bad, if you ask me. 




Let's Go Slowly

This past Tuesday I went to (watched? listened to? I don’t know it was on the internet) a webinar by Clients From Hell about freelancing. It was pretty good, made me think about stuff. 303 more words


Is Your Mood Controlling You?

I make my living as a freelance writer. Articles. Newsletters. Blogs. Scripts. You name it. Some clients also ask me to help with marketing campaigns and other strategic work. 475 more words

Julie Hart

Do You Suck At Managing Time?

I’m pretty good at time management, however I do lose focus at times and fall way behind. Here are a few tips from Lifehacker to prevent it.


Thunder-Boomer Over Cornfield

Thunderstorms hung high above us this weekend. The cornfields are really enjoying the rain.