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The Daily Prompt

Prompt #82

It was the first snowfall of the year.

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3:00AM Wake Up Call - Free Writing

I was lying down reading when he let himself in the house, he was quiet, and I was on the couch. I thought my roommate may have been sleep walking, I had heard her door open then close but the walking had stopped in front of the couch I was lying on. 967 more words

Free Writing

We all have our undetected attributes.. the parts we keep tucked away for only those who we deem worthy.

Sometimes, we no longer wish to be undetected, though. 103 more words


Keeping Company

Small room in my home. I sit with my back against the wall. Looking into the corners of this night. I come to face the sum of my life looking down at me. 90 more words

Free Writing

A Lull-A-Bye

Long ago on those warm nights, a girl contentedly waits in her bed. Her father sits by her and under candlelight regaled her with places never visited. 194 more words

Free Writing

Reach for the Stars

Spread out your arms and reach for the stars.

Be open and willing to receive.

Let nothing hold you back,

And let no-one say you can’t. 121 more words

Free Writing

The Daily Prompt

Prompt #81

He’d always hated speaking in public.

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