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It’s strange to have your thoughts linger on someone for a time just to have them contact you directly. No words between us for years and then, out of the blue, a message. 540 more words



The way my grandfather tells it he was in one of them backwaters. Small town, Louisiana, or was it Mississippi? Anyhow he was always a gambling man and so was like to as not to find himself in a dingy place like that. 561 more words



“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves,”

From Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: Edward R. Murrow understood this quote while McCarthy ignored it all together. 666 more words



Pa’s backpack was on strapped on tight every time he left the house. It was the nicest thing they owned. Inside Pa put his gutting knife and gloves and waders. 484 more words



Billy woke to a squeal that became a scream. Baby sister was crying again. She had no respect for nobody nohow.

“Why baby sister crying?” asked Billy, his arms crossed over his heart. 490 more words



Along the market docks you could find anything as long as you had the money. The problem was Billy didn’t. Neither did his father. They couldn’t afford the sweet meats or the churned butter, the cheeses or the breads. 556 more words



After all the fish, Billy just didn’t want anymore.

When his pa got home every evening from the docks, from the boat, smelling of roe and guts and salt, Billy clamped his mouth shut before he vomited. 517 more words