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Expression Eruption: An artillery call

Listen to
My artillery call
It’s for protection
Listen to
My plead of recognition
In every profession
There is a junction of obstruction.

Listen to… 61 more words

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Death Was What I Had For Breakfast

I wore whites and navy blues,
An inch larger than as I am.
Leaving steps to the shore,
Out to the door
Dissonances, a black key, 346 more words

Alt Lit

Do Kisses Mean Anything

Fingertips kissing the keys
of the keyboard, toggling down
letters to words to a sentence
I’m glad only Google search could see
and now,
only strangers over the World Wide Web could see… 80 more words

Alt Lit

Random Wh's




What is happening with the world?

What is going on in the mind of presidents, prime ministers and our chosen leaders?

What good can countries get out of war and  violence? 314 more words

Plastering, Splattering Love

First, I plaster it with vestiges
Of you, every stones and blinks
And cracks of your bones. I plaster it
Shielded in a cocoon, and tied it all… 218 more words

Alt Lit

One Family

We are one big family
and we are here to help each other up.
Not tear each other down
like a pack of hungry wolves. 22 more words


Waiting for Billy Collins to Speak at the National Book Festival

My thirteen-year-old son sits next to me,
comic book in hand, imaginary bud of music in his ear,
waiting for mom to finish listening to dry words… 205 more words

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