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Coloured ribbons arced over the skyline,

Parabola of my dreams suspended in time.

I reach for the skies longing to be wrapped

In the rainbow’s harmless tentacles. 15 more words


“I want to be able to express myself beautifully with such indispensable content; I want to be this beautiful soul through entrapment in a beautiful mind.”

© Elaarciaga

Sunday Whirl --- On Monday! September 1, 2014

This week’s Sunday Whirl as our host Brenda tells us:

“These words came from a political pamphlet left on my door.”

They are:  serve, collaborate, contact, listen, chat, compromise, state, time, community, care, decades, concerns…

92 more words

City Kid

by Kathleen Romana

Cicada bugs rattle
the rhythm of summer,
a bike rider echoes back
in shifting clattering gears -
and I remember riding bikes… 40 more words

The Bed.

We talk between crumpled


Whilst lust


And surrounds both our


And we get lost

On the map

Of shared bed space.


We debate over twisted… 341 more words

Moment in Free Verse

by James W. Spain, II

The crystal clear lake
Without a ripple on its surface
Mirrors the distant mountains
And the deep blue sky. 34 more words


You stand to the side askance
Tilt head to gawk at normal
Boys and girls, and wonder what it is
That blinds them. Your fist raised high… 91 more words