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Kelly Clarkson is my power animal at Tatu is my jam

I didn’t do anything particularly productive at work today. I tried to find a song to post here, but I forget that half of everything I listen to is some sort of love / angst I don’t even know. 233 more words

Office Work

A Book a Week: Books 46 through 49

Ok, I have four books to talk about.  Three are part of a series and a standalone.

The Standalone was called Dead Again by Tracy Cooper-Posey.   290 more words


Beginning of a New (School) Year

I have written in a long time, and I’m very sorry for this. But I have an excuse, and a very good one at that. School started back up and it’s been my hardest year yet. 728 more words

Day Eighteen - Your Hobbies

This is day eighteen of Novembers Thirty Day Challenge/Discovery.

Oh, hobbies. I have a lot of hobbies. I probably get that from my mum. (Not to brag, but I’m pretty good at a lot of things – I also probably get that from her.) Writing is one of my hobbies, and so is painting and photography. 86 more words

Growing Up Blog

Inner Vision

I had some lovely pain inflicted last weekend which left lovely marks, even if they are almost gone. Sigh, it takes a decent amount of bruising to remain for a while. 894 more words



No Time!? Get UP 30 minutes earlier! Go TO BED 30 minutes earlier! It works every time! #operationorganize #organize