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Survey Finds Social Media May Discourage Free Expression When It Comes To Controversial Subjects

By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Social media might be the home of free expression and over-sharing, but not when it comes to controversial issues. 283 more words


An artistic freedoms rape and butchery

THE Edinburgh Fringe Festival was the scene of an artistic freedoms butchery in August. Two performances by Israeli groups were canceled at the worlds best ‘open access’ festival because they are part-financed by the Israeli ministry of culture. 641 more words


Big Money, Big Voice

The US Supreme Court in April¬†faithfully applied the current campaign finance principles in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission. Aggregate limits do not address… 1,024 more words

Restoring Civil Discourse Relating to Palestine-Israel

To Blog visitors:


During the grim events of the past few weeks taking place in Gaza, and more generally in Israel/Palestine, I have not blocked comments even if they crossed the lines of personal insult and group vitriol that I feel justified in excluding from the discourse. 244 more words


Secret may be banned in Brazil over anonymity, after judge grants preliminary injunction

A Brazilian judge has told Google and Apple to not only remove Secret from their app stores, but also to remotely delete the app from users’ devices, because it allows people to attack the reputations of others anonymously. 516 more words