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Weekend Soundtrack - 7 Sins - Lust

Pride and Wrath down. How about a “lustful playlist”.

Playlist – http://youtu.be/gGdGFtwCNBE?list=PL-7pljWi2ZLsIZgJkwOkS7QIpEch4eQUH

The Killers – Mr. Brightside

Lusting after someone who is taken – never good but everyone at some point has. 197 more words

Weekend Soundtrack


One hundred years ago this month, the world stumbled into The Great War. It’s one of history’s great clusterfucks. And it just keeps on giving.┬áPay even passing attention to the news and its aftershocks can still be felt. 41 more words

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Thank Goodness We Don't Have to Do That Anymore: Morganatic Marriages

So technically, some people still might have morganatic marriages but most of us don’t.

A morganatic marriage is basically a marriage between a man (usually) of higher rank who marries a woman of lower rank and does not pass any of his titles and privileges to his wife and any resulting children. 251 more words

Thank Goodness We Don't Have To Do That Anymore

Raising Stella

I never did the whole Barney thing or whomever it may be at the moment when it comes to singing kids tunes. In fact, I never played to Stella, children’s songs in the car or at home :-/ 208 more words


The Assassination of the Archduke - Sue Woolmans

I recently attended an Edinburgh Book Festival presentation by Sue Woolmans about a book that she has written along with Greg King, The Assassination of the Archduke: Sarajevo 1914 and the Murder that Changed the World. 773 more words

War History

Back to Bilbao for BBK Live!

To celebrate Jay’s birthday at the beginning of July, we traveled to Bilbao for the BBK Live Music Festival! A newer festival, BBK Live has been building popularity for the past several years. 239 more words