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Friday with St. Francis de Sales - Inspiration for the Wife and Mother 8/29/14

Recently, I’ve  found myself enjoying the writings of St Francis de Sales.  Due to discovering much inspiration in his spiritual advise that is relevant to my vocation,  I’ve decided to dedicate Fridays here at… 183 more words

Catholic Culture

Liberating the Scrupulous

Padre Quadrupani suggests a strategy for banishing unreasonable scruples of conscience, thereby liberating the spiritual wayfarer from his prison and enabling him to progress onward and upward. 335 more words


He Practiced What He Preached

St. Francis de Sales, the “Gentle Bishop of Geneva,” was known for the gentle and practical spiritual guidance he offered to those in his care. As for his own spiritual life and practices, the introduction to… 363 more words


The God of Consolations Brings Desolations for a Reason

The same God who made us desire virtues in our beginning, and who makes us practise them on all occurrences, he it is who takes from us the affection to virtues and all spiritual exercises, that with more tranquillity, purity, and simplicity, we should care for nothing but the divine Majesty’s good pleasure.
Saint Francis de Sales


Praying Peacefully

St. Francis de Sales, renowned for his practical and effective spiritual direction, gives these suggestions on how to pray peacefully:

“Remember that the graces and favors of prayer do not come from earth but from heaven and therefore that no effort of ours can acquire them, although, it is true, we must dispose ourselves for their reception diligently, yet withal humbly and tranquilly. 383 more words


A Truly False Conscience

The editor of Light and Peace remarks how some people with a sincere desire to serve God fear that they might have a false conscience, that they might be laboring under a deceptive self-illusion that makes them think they are following the right path but have gone astray. 446 more words


Frequency of Holy Communion

The Psalmist cries out: “My heart is withered; because I forgot to eat my bread.” (Ps 101:4)

On the question of the frequency of receiving Holy Communion, … 277 more words