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Pray and forget?

Some get frozen in frost,
Some melt before they see daylight,
Some are spoken and lost,
Only some survive the night-
They differ-
Answered prayers that we remember.

Micro Poetry

Earth to Olivia, Come In, Olivia

Hello hello! I missed my post again this week, alas. In this case, I did not actually forget, but came home from the beach to discover the internet was out, so today it is! 643 more words

RB: Ugh, I'm an idiot!

While Ella was editing Lucas Story, I began prewriting the third book in my Trihune Series. I was in the midst of detailing Sarid’s character with my handy, dandy character sheets (see post… 273 more words


Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … did I already tell you the Alzheimer’s joke?


You know you're old when...

…the highlight of your day is taking a meal to new parents, and you’re so excited that your failing memory actually allowed you to a) prepare the meal, b) pack everything you prepared and c) deliver the meal…that you accidentally turn the wrong direction to get home and create a traffic pileup that results in honking and rude gestures (not originating from you).



Who doesn’t eat lettuce?

I have a bit of a weird memory (what this is me, you didn’t think it could just be good or bad did you?!). In some ways I would say it is fantastic. 423 more words

Doesn't Really Fit Into Any Of My Other Categories So I Am Putting It In This One!


For today’s prompt, write a malfunction poem. Yes, I changed today’s originally planned prompt to fit today’s circumstances. Sometimes you just gotta have that kind of flexibility. 216 more words